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Dr. Ryan Vazales, FACFAS

Dr. Ryan Vazales is a fellowship trained foot and ankle surgeon joining Achilles Foot and Ankle Center who specializes in elective and reconstructive forefoot, rearfoot and ankle surgery. Dr. Vazales’ philosophy of care has always been to consider every patient’s unique personal and healthcare needs to improve their quality of life.

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Foot & Ankle Surgery
Total Ankle Replacements
Charcot Reconstructions
Orthoplastic Surgery
Wound Care

Board Certification

American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery


American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Virginia Podiatric Medical Association

American Podiatric Medical Association

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Dr. Vazales completed a 3-year intensive surgical residency training program at Florida Hospital East Orlando where as chief resident, he received extensive training in both primary and revision Total Ankle Joint Replacement (TAR), lower extremity limb deformity correction, advanced treatment of degenerative and congenital deformities including cavovarus, flatfoot deformity, pediatric and adult clubfoot, as well as, minimally invasive surgical techniques including arthroscopic treatment of foot and ankle conditions.

Dr. Vazales also has extensive training in complicated trauma of the foot, ankle fractures/pilon fractures and nonunion/malunions of the foot and ankle. His expertise includes orthoplastic surgery often involving the use of external fixation for segmental bone lengthening or vascularized bone transport to correct long bone defects, lower limb local muscular, adiopofascial and pedicle flaps for limb salvage.


Dr. Vazales received his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine degree from Barry University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He is well written and has published numerous papers in multiple national and international peer reviewed journals. Dr. Vazales actively participates in cutting edge podiatric research and training and has collaborated with many leaders in the field to advance the delivery of podiatric medicine and surgery for patients.

University of Colorado-Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

B.A. Honors in Economics

Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery

Orlando, Florida

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Summa Cum Laude

Florida Hospital East Orlando

Orlando, Florida

Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency (RRA)

Chicago Foot and Ankle Deformity Correction Center

Chicago, Illinois

Lower extremity deformity correction, peripheral nerve and muscular microsurgery limb reconstruction fellowship

Program Director: Edgardo Rodriguez-Collazo

Advanced training

  • Plastic Surgery, Lower Extremity Muscle, Myocutaneofascial, bone and vascularized pedicle Flaps for Limb Salvage. Instructor: Edgardo Rodriguez-Collazo – 2018
  • Advanced biomechanical principles of bone stabilization with application of external and internal fixation, spanning, universal, trauma and multiplane circular framing including hexapod technique. Instructor: Mikhail Samchukov, MD, Norman Siddiqui, DPM – 2017
  • Advanced AO Course of Internal Fixation for Reconstructive Surgery and Trauma of the Foot & Ankle – 2017
  • Comprehensive AO Course of Internal Fixation for Reconstructive Surgery and Trauma of the Foot & Ankle – 2016
  • Lower Limb Orthoplastic & Hindfoot Reconstruction Course – 2016
  • Plastic Surgery Complicated Lower Extremity Muscle and Myocutaneofacial Flaps and Limb Salvage Course (Edgardo Rodriguez) – 2016
  • ACLS/BLS CPR PR/AED (American Heart Association)
  • PALS CPR PR/AED (American Heart Association)
  • Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy Course (ACFAS) – 2015

Awards and distinctions

  • Robert Warriner MD Scholarship Award for The study of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • Excellence in Clinical Medicine Scholarship, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • Dean’s Scholarship Award, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • President’s Award of Academic Excellence, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • Pi Delta National Podiatric Honor Society, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • Delta Epsilon lota Academic Honor Society, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • President’s List for Scholastic Excellence, Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
  • Dean’s List, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • International Gold Key Honors Society, University of Colorado-Boulder

Research interests

I have extensive training and a strong interest in elective, sports medicine and surgical trauma, as well as, complicated foot, rearfoot and ankle surgery which extends to diabetic Charcot, pes plano valgus, cavovarus and congenital type deformities including pediatric and adult clubfoot. I have completed advanced training in minimally invasive arthroscopic treatments, device/implant placement, IM nailing, split thickness skin and biologic grafting, midfoot/rearfoot and ankle fusions utilizing both internal and external fixation, total ankle replacements, as well as hexapod circular framing in combination with lower extremity orthoplastic and muscular microsurgery for complicated limb reconstruction and salvage.

Current research

  • Prospective series evaluating efficacy of pneumatic lower limb compression as an alternative to oral medication for prophylactic treatment for deep vein thrombosis in surgical limb reconstruction patients.
  • Case series utilizing a modified suture technique for primary repair of Achilles tendon rupture.
  • Literature review on “Pathophysiological Mechanism of Diabetic Neuropathy,” in-progress for publication. Journal: unspecified, currently in the process of designing a research project to further elucidate the pathophysiological mechanism of diabetic neuropathy.

Publications and papers

“First Dorsal metatarsal Artery Flap for Coverage of Soft Tissue Defects of the Distal Foot: delayed technique, proximal and distally based fasciocutaneous and adipofascial variants” accepted for publication in Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery: 2020. Authors Ryan Vazales, DPM, Suhail Masadeh, DPM.

“Cadaveric Atlas: Reverse Sural Flap Delayed Technique, A Novelty Approach to Stepwise Algorithm Utilizing Skin Substitute Bilayer” Published in International Journal of Orthoplastic Surgery. 2018. Authors Ryan Vazales, DPM, Edgardo Rodriguez-Collazo, DPM, Alessandro Thione, MD.

“ Current Concepts regarding Total Ankle Replacement as a viable treatment option for advanced ankle arthritis: what you need to know” Published in Clinics in Podiatr Med & Surg. 2017. Authors Christopher L Reeves, DPM FACFAS, Amber M. Shane, DPM FACFAS, Ryan Vazales, DPM AACFAS.

“Arthroscopic treatment of soft tissue impingement of the ankle” published in Clinics in Podiatr Med & Surg. 2016 Authors: Amber Shane, DPM, FACFAS, Chris Reeves, DPM FACFAS, Ryan Vazales, DPM, Zach Farley, DPM.

“COMMENTARY: Arthrodesis After Failed Total Ankle Replacement – Paul-André Deleu, Bernhard Devos Bevernage, Pierre Maldague, Vincent Gombault, and Thibault Leemrijse,” published in Foot and Ankle Quarterly Review 2016. Authors: Christopher Reeves, DPM, FACFAS, Trevor S. Payne, DPM, Ryan Vazales, DPM.

“Posterior Tibial Tendon Transfers,” published in Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery January 2016. Authors: Amber M. Shane, DPM, Christopher L. Reeves, DPM, Jordan D. Cameron, DPM, Ryan Vazales, DPM.

“Acroangiodermatitis (Pseudo Kaposi’s Sarcoma) seen in conjunction with Marfans syndrome and hypercoaguable state: is there a link?” published in WOUNDS, March 2014 issue. Authors: Ryan Vazales, 4th year medical student, Robert J. Snyder, DPM, MSc, CWS, Professor, Director of Clinical research and Fellowship program, Barry University SPM2.

“A report of a rare Aggressive Digital Adenocarcinoma of the lower extremity in a patient with diabetes, masquerading as an ulcerative lesion that clinically favored benignancy,” published in HEALTHCARE, under the Special Section Wound care, June 2014. Authors: Ryan Vazales, DPM, Dustin Constant, 4th year medical student, Robert J. Snyder, DPM, MSc, CWS, Professor, Director of Clinical research and Fellowship program, Barry University SPM.

Case presentations

  • “Modified Masquelet Technique in the Treatment of Large Bone Defects” Poster Presentation 77th ACFAS Symposium 2019 New Orleans, LA. Authors: Ryan Vazales, DPM, Henry D. Spingola III, DPM, Edgardo Rodriguez-Collazo, DPM, Kevin Schmidtke, DPM.
  • “Cortical Bone Window Combined with Application of Allograft and Plate and Screw Fixation for Surgical Resection of Distal Fibula Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in a Pediatric Patient” Poster Presentation 75th ACFAS Symposium 2017 Las Vegas NV. Authors: Ryan Vazales, DPM AACFAS, Zach Farley, DPM AACFAS, Paul B. Thurston, DPM AACFAS.
  • “Correction of Non-union in a failed First Metatarsal-phalangeal joint Arthrodesis using Calcaneal Autograft” Poster presentation 75th ACFAS symposium 2017 Las Vegas NV. Authors: Ryan Vazales, DPM AACFAS, Zach Farley AACFAS, Zach Cavins, DPM, Amber M. Shane, DPM FACFAS.
  • “Limb preservation in the face of severe sepsis in a patient with uncontrolled DM” Science and Management Symposium (SAM) 2016 Orlando FL Author: Ryan Vazales, DPM

Conditions treated

Reconstruct Foot and Ankle Surgery100%
Total Ankle Replacements100%
Heel Pain including Achilles Tendon and Plantar Fasciitis100%
Ultrasound Guided Injections100%
Wound Care of the Foot, Ankle and Leg100%
Ankle Pain and Injury of Tendons100%
Comprehensive Diabetic Care100%
Ingrown Nails100%
Foot Pain and Injuries including Tendons100%
Hammertoes and all toe deformities100%
Bunions and all foot deformities100%