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We’ve Got Answers For Your Common Foot & Ankle Concerns!

Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away— your solution starts with the right answer to your specific problem. Whether you have a pesky surface condition or a sports-related injury that is causing you discomfort— foot and ankle issues are very normal and simple solutions are waiting for you. Together, we’ll get your feet happy and healthy.

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Can you help me get rid of my foot fungus once and for all?

While athletes foot and fungal nail infections can be stubborn foes, there are definitely effective solutions available to cure these common conditions over time with consistent treatment.

Prescription-strength topical medications applied twice daily yield outstanding results for moderate to severe cases over 4-6 weeks. These penetrate deeper providing a strong localized dose.

Do bunions and hammertoes always require surgery or are there other options?

Not always. These common conditions can be treated with nonsurgical options like pads, orthotics, and cortisone shots to provide relief. If conservative care fails, less invasive procedures may be tried before resorting to surgery. 

How do you remove plantar warts?

When it comes to stubborn warts, we offer effective treatment options to help you get rid of them for good.

For less-resistant single warts, we freeze them off with liquid nitrogen, which is very effective. For larger/multiple warts or ones that don’t respond to freezing, we can prescribe prescription wart removal treatments that uncover the skin and attack the virus directly.

Sometimes a series of freezing or treatments is needed if they keep recurring.

What are my options for removing calluses/corns?

We offer shaving down built up skin or applying protective pads to relieve pressure and allow natural shedding. Soaking feet first softens for a quick, painless process.

Do you have any remedies for embarrassing foot odor?

First off, don’t be embarrassed. Foot odor is very common and easily treated.

It is typically caused by excessive sweating or a bacterial imbalance easily treated. I can culture your feet to identify the specific issue and recommend targeted anti-fungal sprays, powders, or prescription solutions for fast relief.

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