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Our Podiatry Services

Detail about our services

We Provide High Quality Podiatry Services

Whatever help you need for your feet or ankles, let our podiatrists put their years of experience to work for you

The right treatment for a foot and ankle condition can vary from patient to patient. A lot depends on a patient’s medical history, as well as their lifestyle, goals, and needs on a day-to-day basis.


We offer a wide range of services, from state-of-the-art medical technology to tried-and-true traditional practices. Among these, however, we feel the greatest service we can provide is fully listening to our patients and molding the best specific treatment program for them.


More information on our service specialties can be found below. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, we’re happy to help! Simply call us at (804) 273-1717 or fill out our online appointment form.

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Foot & Ankle Surgery

While conservative treatment methods are always preferred, they sometimes do not or will not provide the type of relief a patient requires. In these cases, surgery becomes a consideration.

The doctors at Achilles Foot and Ankle Center have advanced training and years of experience in many surgical procedures, ranging from reconstructive surgeries (e.g. bunion and hammertoe surgeries), joint replacement, ankle arthroscopy, and nerve decompression.

Wound Care

Feet and legs are especially susceptible to developing wounds and ulcers—especially if you have diabetes, neuropathy, circulatory issues, or all of the above.

Unfortunately, even the smallest wounds can become much more serious problems if they go ignored or untreated for too long. The numbers are shocking and dire: roughly 100,000 Americans require amputations to their feet or legs each year, and a significant percentage of these events began with an infected ulcer that very likely could have been prevented or stopped.

Tolcylen™ Antifungal / Nail Renewal

Tolcylen™ Antifungal / Nail Renewal Solution is the first and only antifungal, cosmetic, and nail renewal treatment, all in one product.  It is available without a prescription and dispensed exclusively through physicians. Tolcylen™ is the only antifungal product of any kind to feature FDA approved antifungal and proven cosmetic agents. The patented delivery system is user friendly and the applicator tip controls flow while effectively dispensing medication on the nail fold and hyponychial areas on the edges of nails.

Custom Orthotics

Many forms of heel and foot pain can be traced to an abnormal foot structure. This can affect the way someone walks and distribute weight unevenly across the feet, leading to some areas being overloaded with stress and becoming injured.

Custom orthotics and braces are time-tested methods of providing needed comfort and relief. Each orthotic is prescribed specifically to the shape of a patient’s foot or ankle, providing the exact amount of cushioning and/or corrective support they need.

Custom orthotics and braces can also be used as part of offloading weight from an area that needs to heal, as well as a method for increasing balance in patients who are at higher fall risks.

Podiatric Medicine

From diabetic foot care to warts to ingrown toenails, our podiatrists provide a full range of services to our patients. There is no symptom too simple to reach out to our staff for a same day appointment.

Below are just a few conditions involving Podiatric Medicine that our specialists treat:

  • Ankle pain
  • Bunions
  • Corns and callus
  • Diabetic foot care & Diabetic Shoe Program
  • Fungal nail disease
  • Gout
  • Heel pain
  • Ingrown toenail
  • Warts

Second Opinions

It can be downright frustrating when you went to see a doctor hoping to have your problem resolved and then, even after surgical intervention, you are still in pain.

We understand the frustration, but there’s good news:

Achilles Foot and Ankle Center may be able to help!

At our practice, we’ve been able to treat many patients who had gone elsewhere for treatment—conservative and/or surgical—but were still having issues. Ultimately, they were able to find the relief they were seeking for one simple reason – they came to see us for a second opinion!

Please, if you have an existing wound, do not wait any longer to contact us! The stakes are high, and every moment counts. Call our office at (804) 273-1717, or request an appointment online today.

Dr. James B. Baldwin, IIIWound Care Specialist

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