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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Drive After Bunion Surgery?

Surgical procedures performed on the right foot inhibit driving for some time after surgery. Each procedure is different and the length of time to heal is different for everybody. When you can walk without pain and are no longer taking pain management you will be permitted to drive with your right foot.

Can I Wear High Heels After Bunion Surgery?

It depends. Most surgical management of the bunion deformity at the joint of the first metatarsal is called joint preservation surgery.  These corrections allow the surgeon to place the joint back into anatomical position, which allow you to continue to wear a reasonable high heel. Conversely, sometimes the joint at the first metatarsal is so arthritic that it may require a surgical fusion, this no longer allows the joint to bend, making high heel shoes difficult to wear.

Do I Need To Wear A Cast After Bunion Surgery?

Most of the many surgical corrections of the joint at the level of the first metatarsal do not require that offloading of a cast.  However, there are several more extensive procedures that may require complete offloading and immobilization with a below knee fiberglass cast. Most of the surgical corrections of bunions require a soft post- operative dressing and a rigid post-operative shoe.

Does Ingrown Toenail Surgery Hurt?

Prior to performing an acute ingrown toenail procedure an injection of local anesthesia must be given into the digit.  This injection is uncomfortable due a burning sensation that is felt. We limit this discomfort with a topical refrigerant that is sprayed onto the toe prior to the injection. After the digit is numb form the anesthesia all you will feel is the touching and pressure of the procedure, not pain.

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