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Foot & Ankle Surgical Services

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Deformed toes, misaligned or overgrown bones, irritated nerves—all of these concerns may be causing you daily foot pain. Despite the discomfort, many people avoid seeking help for bunionettes, bunions, bone spurs, hammertoes, and neuromas. Is fear of surgery keeping you from addressing your situation? Instead of waiting until it’s impossible to put your shoes on in the morning, or your mobility is limited, schedule a visit to Achilles Foot and Ankle today.


Our foot and ankle specialists understand that while conservative, non-surgical treatments are always the first choice, some forefoot conditions require surgical intervention. In these cases, it’s critical that you have full confidence in your care team.

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Board Certified Surgeons

All of our surgeons are Board Certified. This allows them to serve with the dedication and knowledge patients expect from their physicians. We want you to feel confident and trust the patient-focused experience we have created to embody and comfort everyone who walks through our doors. 

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Thanks to major advances in surgical techniques, anesthesia and pain management, ASCs today routinely—and safely—perform most outpatient surgery procedures. Because out ASC specializes in foot and ankle surgery, we are able to concentrate on patient safety and the patient experience and have an excellent record of safety and quality outcomes for patients. 

Hospital Based Surgery

All of our surgeons are on staff at most area hospitals. In the event that you require a complicated reconstructive or emergency trauma surgery, your surgeon will admit you to the facility of your choice.

Our Surgical Procedures

Below is an incomplete list of some of the most common surgical procedures we perform at our office, including many of our surgical specialties. 

Bunion Surgery

There are many different surgeries that can be done to address this painful misalignment of the big toe bone. The problem is resolved by moving the joint and bone into their proper positions, which alleviates discomfort. A bunionectomy removes the protruding bone (that bump at the base of your big toe), while other options also address the surrounding tendons and ligaments.

Bunionette Surgery

The goal of surgical intervention for a tailor’s bunion, which is located near the small toe, is similar. The part of the bone that is sticking out is removed, and the metatarsal bone may be put back into place if necessary.

Hammertoe Surgery

Typically affecting the second toe, this deformity is identified by a bent middle joint. Flexible hammertoe is often treated without surgery. However, if the toe becomes “stuck” in this position, the affected tendon may have to be surgically altered. If necessary, bone will be taken out, so that the toe can be put into its normal straight position.

Neuroma Surgery

A Morton’s neuroma is a common nerve condition of the feet. It usually appears between the third and fourth toes, and you may feel like you are stepping on a stone.  In fact, something in your foot has changed—a thickened area has developed around the affected nerve. Cases that are extremely painful may require that the nerve be removed surgically.

Bone Spur Surgery

You may be familiar with heel spurs; however, bone spurs can occur in other places—such as the toes. The small toe and the sides of the toes are common locations. The spur is addressed by leveling it out to match the surrounding bone.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is a technique that uses very small incisions, specialized tools, and a camera on the end of a scope to view the surgical area during the procedure. Arthroscopic procedures offer many benefits over traditional open surgeries, including less post-surgical scarring and pain, lower risk of complications, and faster recovery.

Minimally Invasive Flatfoot Surgery

Our minimally invasive surgical procedure corrects a common type of hindfoot deformity that can be responsible for flat feet, overpronation, heel pain, and even pain throughout the knees, hips, and back. A small stent is inserted into a naturally occurring space, preventing it from collapsing and restoring natural hindfoot alignment without ever cutting a bone or interfering with joint motion.

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Minimally invasive bunion surgery is an alternative to traditional surgery that can reduce post-surgical scarring, swelling, pain and offers patients the easiest recovery.

Reconstructive Surgery

Sometimes, complex deformities or severe injuries require procedures such as fracture repair, bone realignment, transfer or repair of tendons and ligaments, etc., in order to restore correct alignment and function to the foot and/or ankle. All our surgeons are extensively trained in complex reconstructive surgical techniques.

Charcot Foot Surgery

The goals of surgery for Charcot foot are to stabilize any fractured bones or dislocated joints and allow them to heal. A surgeon may also realign or fuse the bones of the foot to better position them to bear weight.

Orthoplastic Limb Salvage Surgery

The combination of the strengths of both orthopaedic surgery and plastic surgery constitutes the modern definition of orthoplastic surgery: This combined orthoplastic approach to patients with severe injuries to the lower extremities or patients with oncologic processes requiring lower limb salvage will not only lead to better outcomes such as quicker time to bone union, more durable soft tissue coverage, less pain, and better function, but also less complications, shorter hospital stays, and higher patient satisfaction.

You deserve the best surgical experience

Surgery is serious, but so is daily foot pain. If you’re living with discomfort each time you put on your shoes or take a step, it’s time to find relief. With our team, you’ll experience the best in podiatric care and post-operative support. Don’t wait another day—call our Richmond, VA offices at 804-273-1717, or schedule an appointment online.

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