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Emergency Podiatry Service

Are you experiencing a medical emergency regarding your foot and ankle? Dr. James Baldwin, our Richmond Podiatrist, offers 24/7 emergency services to established seen within the last year. Our on call text the doctor service is available Monday – Sunday.

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As your premiere provider of foot and ankle services in Central Virginia, we offer services in two convenient locations. Our podiatrists treat patients in Mechanicsville, Virginia and the West End. Our offices are located near Ashland, Chester, Colonial Heights, East End, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Richmond, West End, and West Point. We offer podiatry appointments and are currently accepting new patients.  

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Our Foot and Ankle Services

Diabetic Foot Care

When you come visit our office, we will test you for any signs of issues, such as poor circulation or nerve function. We will also provide any regular maintenance care you may need, including toenail trimming, dealing with corns and calluses, and more.

We may also recommend diabetic shoes. Diabetic footwear is specially designed to reduce the risk of cuts and scrapes, provide extra depth and width to accommodate orthotic inserts, and minimize shear and shock forces on sensitive skin. Wearing diabetic footwear will help you avoid many of the common complications that can have lasting repercussions.

Whatever your needs, our Richmond Podiatrists are well equipped to help you manage your diabetes and prevent foot and ankle conditions from developing as a result of it. All you have to do is give us a call at (804) 273-1717, or request an online appointment today.

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Wound Care & Limb Salvage

The Achilles Wound Care Center is the only program of its kind in Central Virginia that provides unique advanced wound care, microsurgical and lower limb local muscular, adiopofascial and pedicle flaps for limb salvage.

The program is led by Dr. Renée Shepherd, one of our reconstructive foot and ankle surgeons, to provide integrated treatment for patients with significant injuries that require complex care. The Center treats segmental bone defects with complex lengthening procedures to correct lower limb deformities.

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Sports Injury

If you have suffered a sports injury to the foot or ankle, chances are you will need to take time away from high-impact activities and limit the amount of stress you place on your lower limbs. Depending on your injury, we may need to immobilize your injured foot or ankle for a while.

You will also need to be proactive about minimizing swelling and inflammation by wrapping your foot in a compression bandage and icing the injured area. Physical therapy may also be recommended once the initial damage has healed enough. This will help restore flexibility, strength, and range of motion.

In some severe cases, surgery might be required to repair the damage. And if that is the case for you, then you can rest assured that you are in good hands at Achilles Foot and Ankle Specialists.

All in all, with the right foot care, sports injuries certainly do not have to keep you sidelined indefinitely. The key for this is early treatment, so invest in your health by addressing the issue instead of allowing it to get worse over time

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Non-Surgical Care

Treatments under this specialty may use a variety of non-surgical methods to aid in healing of an injury, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. Through the use of non-surgical techniques such as lower extremity physical therapy, the recovery systems of the body are stimulated and enhanced, promoting healing at the targeted area. Our physicians utilize these types of modalities for various treatment plans such as wounds and sports injuries.

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Surgical Procedures

While conservative treatment methods are always preferred, they sometimes do not or will not provide the type of relief a patient requires. In these cases, surgery becomes a consideration.

The doctors at Achilles Foot and Ankle have advanced training and years of experience in many surgical procedures, ranging from reconstructive surgeries,  joint replacement, ankle arthroscopy, and nerve decompression.

Our foot surgery procedures are performed in our state of the art Foot and Ankle Surgery Center. More complex conditions will be treated at one of our area hospitals.

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Custom Orthotics & Bracing

Whether you need more cushioning for your heel, more support for your arch, more stability for your ankle, or even a correction in the alignment or motion of your feet as you walk, the correct orthotic can dramatically improve your symptoms and mobility. Orthotics may also be a component of the treatment plan for virtually any common foot or ankle condition, particularly those that are chronic or result from an abnormality in foot shape.

Various types of braces are another option that may be considered when strength or stability is lacking in the ankles. This may be a temporary solution while you’re rehabbing from an injury or recovering from surgery, or a longer-term approach to preventing future sprains or falls. As with orthotics, these are devices that you wear regularly inside your shoes or clothes and help you maintain the firm foundation necessary to live and move as painlessly as possible. Our Richmond Podiatrists can see you today!

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Our Locations

Do you have any foot or ankle problem? Then, come see us! We are conveniently located in THIRTEEN locations in Central Virginia. Our foot doctor treats diabetic foot problems, heel pain, ingrown toenail, achilles tendon pain, wound care, and many more lower extremity symptoms.
Our Richmond podiatrists in Richmond, VA provide personalized patient care at Achilles Foot and Ankle Centers. When you visit our office you can expect to receive world class foot and ankle care. Expert physician specialists and caring clinical staff provide you with an exceptional experience.
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Give Back

Our physicians feel that all persons deserve treatment. Our founder, Dr. James B. Baldwin, III, dedicates his team to free clinics, special olympic events, and community outreach.
If you would like more information regarding our practice's Give Back program, please reach out to our clinical team.
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Certificates & Standards

“The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; I strive to provide compassionate care to all that I encounter. It is time to bring back bedside manner to medicine”

Dr. James B. Baldwin, IIICEO, Achilles Foot and Ankle

Advanced Technology

Medicine is making drastic strides on a daily basis. We require that our physicians stay ahead of the curve regarding foot and ankle medicine and surgery. Digital imaging, ultrasound guidance studies, fluroscopy guided injections, wound care grafts and dressings, and minimally invasive surgical procedures are all included in our daily practice regimens.

Advanced Surgery Center

We are the only Foot and Ankle Ambulatory Surgery Center in Central Virginia. Our facility offers concierge style service without any extra fees. We accept all major insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. 

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Good doctors are hard to find. Great doctor’s are a RARE find. We only hire the best providers! Our physicians provide comprehensive, advanced care in an award winning practice.

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