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Wound Care Doctors in Richmond, Virginia

Do you suffer from a chronic wound that can’t seem to heal? Our experienced wound care physicians provide quality care to wounds on the legs, ankles, feet, and toes. Maybe you have been to a local wound care center or treated by your family doctor and you need a different type of care to get back to normal life. Those who suffer from chronic wounds understand the headaches and worry involved with open sores on their extremity. Dressing changes, antibiotics, numerous doctors appointments, and even hospitalizations; these are all stresses involved with chronic wounds. Stop your suffering today and contact our Richmond, Virginia Lower Extremity Advanced Wound Care team.

Diabetic Ulcers

A diabetic wound can come in many forms on the feet, heels, ankles, or toes for those patients who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes effects blood flow and the sense of feeling.  In many patients, there is little to no feeling in the feet and the patient doesn’t even realize they have an open sore.  In other patients, blood flow is compromised which leads to chronic non healing. Our team has protocols that work to resolve diabetic wounds quickly. Our goal is to prevent amputations and get our diabetic patients back to a normal life, free of dressing changes and doctor appointments.

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Vascular Wounds

A major source of wounds around or near the ankle are vascular related. Blood flow is a must for wound healing! Any issues with blood flow can cause a major delay in wound healing. Without blood flow, tissue becomes “dead” or necrotic, leading to a yellow looking film over the wound.  Once the yellow “stuff” develops, infection can set in leading to a bone infection.  A major belief in our protocols is to restore blood flow, treat and prevent infection, and to offload the wound.  If you suspect a vascular wound, please make an appointment with our team right away.

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Leg Wounds

Wounds that occur on the legs are commonly called venous stasis ulcers.  In many cases, swelling in the legs causes the skin to become very thin and fragile. Once the skin starts to break down, redness, drainage, and sometimes pain rapidly onsets. If infection and swelling are not quickly controlled, a wound will open as a very small opening on the leg. It takes just a couple of weeks for the venous stasis ulcer to take over a majority of the leg.  Venous stasis ulcers lead to hospitalizations and even amputation. It is very important that you seek care before your wound gets to this state! 

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Over 7 MILLION People suffer from chronic wounds


Diabetic Patients Undergo Amputation Every Year
You are not alone with our team of specialists

Wound Care Access is a Big Problem.

Restore Blood Flow. Prevent Infection. Stop the Pressure.

Over seven million people live daily with chronic wounds in the US alone. The most common cause of wounds are due to pressure, followed by diabetic ulcerations due to the growing diagnosis of Diabetes in the American population. There are many things that lead to non-healing wounds including vascular disease, trauma, infection, pressure and inadequate access to care.

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Expertise and Experience

Wound care treatment requires only the best physicians and staff, trained in the most advanced techniques. Achilles Foot and Ankle Center leads the area in specialist training for all lower extremity wounds. Our proven protocols and treatment plans speak for itself. Many primary care physicians and even other wound care centers refer to our wound care specialists to get their patients back to a normal life.

Advanced Tools

Chronic wounds require advanced care. The days of wet to dry are over. Painful debridements are a thing of the past. Non-healing wounds require more than most can offer. The team of wound care doctors at our centers provide the most advanced, research backed, treatment plans. From specialized vascular referrals to skin grafts, our protocols work. 

Access Close to You

With five locations across Central Virginia, we have a center close and convenient to you. We offer care at our Ashland, Mechanicsville, Richmond, West End (Glen Allen), and West Point locations.  You can call our office today for an appointment.

We Are Surgeons

Most often, to heal a wound surgery is not necessary. However, if a wound worsens and causes a bone infection, you can stay with your wound care doctor! Our wound care doctors are surgeons of the lower leg, ankle and foot. No need to find another doctor. No need to have another appointment. We have you covered.

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