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Christmas Feet

Now is the time of year when preparations must be made! Bright lights and colorful presents have overtaken the ideas of autumn foliage and pumpkin carving. This year, December is filled with holiday celebrations and cheer.

The pleasant scents of fresh Frasier Fir are an integral part of getting the house ready for guests. It’s hard to beat the feeling of coming home to the comforting aroma of fresh greenery and warm fire, whether you’re hosting a dinner party, preparing for family and friends to gather. When we think of Christmas, we think of the smell.

In what way does decorating relate to foot care, other than the fact that many people will be on their feet during the holidays and thus feel uncomfortable wearing looser fitting shoes? The process begins with intensive planning. Heel discomfort is common at this time of year, and we encounter many patients whose symptoms have either recently begun or returned after having been treated. Why? It’s common practice for those preparing meals to work barefoot, in slippers, or in stocking feet for long periods of time.

Rather than standing, humans were designed for motion. The discomfort is sometimes brought on by the prolonged standing in one spot with inadequate foot protection. When you include in the time it takes to clean and decorate the house in preparation for guests or even simply the process of decorating, you have a formula for discomfort at a time when you don’t have time to cope with the pain. The time I spent in stores and shopping centers…did I forget to mention that? Ouch!

Let us part with a few pointers to ease the burden the holidays can put on you.

  • If you’re going to be on your feet for any length of time, you should safeguard them. Socks and slippers won’t cut it when you spend hours a day standing on the cold, hard surfaces of the kitchen. Whether it’s a pair of sneakers or work boots, outfit your feet with something that will keep them safe.
  • Do as much of the work as you can from a chair or kitchen stool. Putting one foot on a footrest may make a huge difference.
  • You’re aware of the hassles associated with mall shopping, such as long lines, crowds, and standing for long periods. Wear what makes you feel good rather than what others expect you to wear. Everywhere in the United States is experiencing frigid temperatures. Throw away your sandals and old sneakers at the door.
  • Uggs keep your feet warm, but they don’t offer any arch support. Please accept our diabetic shoes and custom orthotics for urgent comfort and support if you find yourself in an extreme bind without them. The orthotics sold in pharmacies, shoe stores, and in displays with computer-generated pictures aren’t worth the price of their package.

Please make an appointment if you experience any arch or heel discomfort. Getting an appointment with us won’t be a problem even with your packed holiday schedule because we have same-day appointments. Most importantly, we will work hard to get rid of your discomfort as soon as possible so that you may spend the upcoming holidays in peace and comfort.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Achilles Foot and Ankle Center

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