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Stepping Into Spring

We at Achilles Foot & Ankle, like the majority of you, are overjoyed that Spring has finally come. With each passing day, the weather becomes more nice, allowing us to participate in longer outside activities. Warmer weather seems to give everyone a new lease on life after being cooped up indoors for the most of the winter and, worse, dealing with Covid-19 limitations.

Sporty woman jogging through the forest

We strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique chance to begin getting outside and being more active. This does not imply that you must adhere to a regular or scheduled training program to achieve your fitness objectives. It may be sufficient to take a 10-15 minute walk every day to increase your activity level and continue on your path to a healthier lifestyle, depending on your level of activity over the last few months, If you have maintained your level of activity during the colder months, now is an excellent time to begin increasing your miles and endurance by running more.

Group of cheerful seniors having fun together exercising

Perhaps jogging or running should take the place of some of your weekly walks. And, if you’ve been jogging for a while, consider gradually increasing your distance and/or speed to keep your fitness level from deteriorating further. The option to enjoy the weather and continue to stay healthy exists regardless of your present physical capability.

Walking and running on a daily basis has a slew of advantages. Some of the most evident advantages are those that are related to bodily well-being. For example, regular exercise improves your cardiac (heart) health and helps you develop muscle, both of which can help you lose weight. However, those are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the physical advantages. In addition, walking and running are beneficial to your psychological and emotional wellness. Taking a daily walk or going for a jog/run helps you clear your thoughts, release tension, and find your center. Walking and running, in a similar way to meditation and breathing exercises, can help you become more mentally healthy.

Before you start walking or running in Spring, here are a handful of tips to keep you safe and prevent injuries.

First– make sure you have a suitable pair of walking or running footwear on your feet. Wearing the proper shoes when walking or running will assist to support your feet and prevent injuries. 

Closeup shot of a sporty man tying his shoelaces while exercising outdoors

Second– warm up your muscles before you begin. Stretch the big muscles in your legs before beginning your walk or run. These muscles include the quadriceps (the front of your leg above the knee), hamstrings (the rear of your leg above the knee), and calf muscles (the back of your leg below the knee) (back of the leg below the knee). Stretching after a walk or a run is extremely helpful, especially to avoid muscular tightness the following day.

Stretching is very important before starting to exercise.

THIRD– make sure to increase your time, speed, and miles in little increments. It cannot be overstated how important this is. If you raise your activity level too rapidly, you risk injury from overuse, which will limit your capacity to stay active. Take your time and gradually increase your activity level to avoid injury.

Group of people planting vegetable in greenhouse

Take advantage of this Springtime opportunity to be outside and active! Just be sure to do it in a safe manner to avoid injury, and you should be good to go. If you have a foot or ankle problem, please contact Achilles Foot & Ankle as soon as possible. We would be pleased to examine your injury and discuss your best treatment options with you at that time.

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